Pocket Gophers, commonly known as Gophers, are burrowing rodents of which there are about 35 species. They are known for their extensive tunnelling activities. Gophers weigh around half a pound and are approx. 6-8 inches in body length with a 1-2 inch tail. Most gophers have brown fur that often closely matches the color of the soil in which they live. Their most characteristic features are their large cheek pouches from which the word “Pocket” in their name derives. These pouches are fur lined, can be turned inside out, and extend from the side of the mouth well back onto the shoulders. Gophers have small eyes and a short hairy tail which they use to feel around tunnels when they walk backwards.

All gophers create a network of tunnel systems that provide protection and a means of collecting food. The tunnel entrances can be identified by small piles of loose soil covering the opening. They like to burrow in areas where the soil is softer and easily tunnelled. Gophers often visit vegetable gardens, lawns and farms as they like the moist soil. They like to feed on vegetables that contain juice in them.

Depending on the breed of gopher, they can breed seasonally, or some breed repeatedly throughout the year. Each litter typically consists of two to five young.

Gophers damage lawns and gardens with their burrowing and dietary habits. Both large-scale irrigation and small sprinkler systems can be rendered ineffective by the rodents. Carbon Monoxide is used to pump into the tunnels. Service includes one follow up within 30 days if needed at no charge.



We are a family owned and operated business nestled in the hills of Simi Valley.  Tim Miller, owner of Lewis Gopher Control, has over 35 years of  experience. He is licensed by the Structural Pest Control Board.

Tim prides himself on providing the best gopher control options for your home. Tim knows how important it is to protect your home and business from gophers, and guarantees the quality of his work. He is happy to answer any questions.

Lewis Gopher Control services Simi Valley, Moorpark, the Conejo Valley of Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village and Newbury Park and in the San Fernando Valley in Chatsworth, Canoga Park, Van Nuys and surrounding areas.



I feel confident that with your help I won't need to worry about voracious gophers tunnelling under my back and front yards, dining on my grass and plants!

Robert A., Simi Valley

The carbon monoxide machine worked great for our gopher problem. It just put them to sleep deep in the runs - no more gophers.

Jonathan C, Thousand Oaks

Tim felt the gopher traps would work best in our yard. He came back and checked for new mounds, and there were none!

Marian H., Agoura

Tim was able to come out the same day we called. He knows what he is doing and best of all he got rid of our gopher problem quickly.

Holly C., Westlake Village